Fundraising Toolkit & Ideas

 We’ve put together some ideas to help you fundraise and have fun at the same time.

Quiz night - Organise your own quiz night and invite family, friends and work colleagues. It’s simple, and always a good laugh. Or ask your local pub to donate a percentage of the takings from their quiz night!

Match Giving - Does your company offer match giving? A really easy way to boost your sponsorship!

Ebay - Sell all your old and unwanted items on Ebay and then donate the profits. Hitting two birds with one stone – You get round to that much needed clear whilst adding to your fundraising total!

Non uniform day/dress down day - Always a winner. Simple, no fuss and guaranteed to get money in your sponsorship bucket.

Bake sale - Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Bring your treats at work, school or your local community centre and ask for a donation.

Come dine with me - Take inspiration from the hit TV show and get a group of friends together to do a dinner party rotation. The money can be split between you and the winner.

Raffle – Try to persuade local pubs, businesses, restaurants and theatres to donate prizes.

Fantasy Football - Fancy managing your own football team without setting foot on the pitch? Get your friends and work mates involved in this virtual football league (for a small fee) and lead your team to victory! And it doesn’t just have to be football!

Taxi driver - Designate yourself as a taxi driver for a month and ferry your family and friends. The money they would have spent on a taxi can be donated to you.

Party - Everyone loves a party. Make it fancy dress, murder mystery, Christmas party, anything you like! Charge entry or ask for donation. Anyone who doesn’t dress up has to donate double!

Use your talents – babysitting, cutting lawns, walking dogs, painting, typing, cooking a meal, shopping…. the list is endless but all are ways of raising money.

Sponsored silence - Great if you’re a real chatterbox at work or school!

Auction - You could do a ‘favour’ auction, or a slave auction. Offer to be a slave for the day, or to do a favour for a certain amount of time, like make tea for the department for the whole week, and get people to bid on these services. You can get colleagues to auction off favours too!

Treasure Hunt - Not just for kids! Get some donated prizes and hide them around you garden, house, etc. Anyone who wants to join in can make a small donation. Let the hunt begin!

Teach a skill - Do you have a skill that others may need help with? Give your services and ask for a donation in return.

It is a good idea to try to combine more than one fundraising idea at one event. For example, hold a raffle during your Karaoke night, or shave your head for a local pub-crawl. Remember – original ideas create interest!

How to Ask Someone to Sponsor You Online

Some might say this is the easiest bit; I’ll email all my friends tell them what I am doing who I am supporting and watch them sponsor me – wrong! This is the trickiest part of online fundraising and the most important. A few do’s and don’ts:


Ask those closest to you first to sponsor you as they’re less likely to say no. This means you will have some donations already on the page when others go to the page making it more likely they’ll donate

Ask someone face-to-face first for their support (just like you would do with a paper sponsor form) or if you can’t see them, speak to them on the phone and tell them what you are doing, it is much harder for them to forget you asked for their help

Asking by email if you can’t see or speak to a person should be done on an individual personalised email, take the time to write to them about your friendship in general, not just ‘will you sponsor me?’

Make the case for why they should be supporting the charity and not just because it is you doing something adventurous. Your ask should be able to tell the person what difference their £10 or £20 donation means to the charity, so learn about the cause!


Don’t mass email your entire address book as it easy for people to ignore these emails

Don’t give up on receiving support from a friend if they don’t respond to the first ask. People lead busy lives and your request for support is important to them, but not at the top of their list to do and can easily be forgotten about – so send further reminders, particularly as you get closer to the adventure

Don’t forget to say thank you to your supporter once you have received the donation and once you have completed the adventure

Don’t forget to update your online page with how your training is going and your offline fundraising total

If you have raised funds offline or expect a large donation, to ensure we receive 100%, send it directly to us. 


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